Monday, July 28, 2008

The Old von Trapp Place

One of the kids returns to the homestead,which is becoming a hotel.

Staying in the house for the first time since the von Trapps fled the Nazi regime in the late 1930s has been a deeply moving experience for the second-eldest daughter of Baron von Trapp, whose story was made famous by the "Sound of Music" film.

The film didn't have everything right. For instance, they didn't actually skip away from pursuing Nazis into Switzerland.

The family did not return from a concert tour in the United States in the late 1930s.

The real Baron also wasn't as uptight.

Christopher Plummer played Baron von Trapp, who was depicted as a strict patriarch, obsessed with discipline. "We were all pretty shocked at how they portrayed our father, he was so completely different. He always looked after us a lot, especially after our mother died," von Trapp said.

While she's there, she'll indulge in an old favorite.

"Today I will eat sausages -- this is what I did as a child. Sausages in Salzburg are simply fantastic."

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