Wednesday, July 16, 2008


While on his honeymoon, Cooper Brown gets a sunburn.

The worst thing is my eyelids – they got burnt bad and it really hurts when I blink, so I try to avoid doing it for as long as I can.

This results in an impromptu showdown.

....I can't blink and I keep looking the sushi chef's way. He catches me staring a couple of times and, on the third occasion, he fixes me in some kind of kamikaze stare-off. Now, I've become pretty good at not blinking and there's no way I'm giving in to this asshole. He puts his sushi "equipment" down and we get into a total High Noon situation.

A queue starts to build up at the counter but nobody is backing down. After a good four minutes, the chef cracks and has to blink. I laugh and he goes berserk. He actually tries to jump over the counter to attack me. I guess that it all got too much for him. This probably wasn't how he saw his life panning out when he left his little fishing village in search of the good life. A couple of fellow staff members pull him back and he is taken into a back area to chill out. The battle of the Mauritius Sushi Counter was won by... yours truly, and I really felt that you should know about it.

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