Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dave Barry On the Road

I was informed by Andrew Sullivan that Dave Barry went to Costa Rica and blogged about it (scroll down to July 12th for first entry).

The Costan Rican unit of currency is -- get ready -- the "colon." The exchange rate is roughly one dollar for 387 hillion skillion jillion colons. If you want to feel wealthy, get yourself some colons.

We flew from Miami to San Jose, then changed to a small plane. And when I say a "small plane," I mean "a plane roughly the size of the bathroom in the plane that took us from Miami to San Jose."

Allegedly we have seen a sloth. I did not see the sloth, but I did see people pointing at a tree, and that in itself was pretty exciting.

Dave has also enjoyed the natural pleasures of Idaho.

The problem is that my friends are never content to sit around with a cool beverage and look at the nature from a safe distance, as nature intended. No, my friends want to go out and interact with the nature in some kind of potentially fatal way.

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