Monday, July 7, 2008

Variety of What?

Admittedly I don't follow public opinion very closely, but I don't recall a clamor for this.

The Osbourne family are making a return to US television with a variety series, according to a report.

Who would bankroll such a thing? Who else?

The Fox network has commissioned the programme and plans to launch it with a Christmas special.

Mike Darnell, Fox's head of alternative programming, said the show was intended to make the concept of the variety show "feel new".

Eugene Young, an executive producer with the show's makers Fremantle, told Variety it would "tap into what the Osbournes do best, which is be themselves".

I saw them "be themselves" on their last TV series, and while they had a certain now-what-will-happen entertainment value, they didn't show anything resembling the type of skill set needed for a variety show. Ozzy is the most talented one - at one time he had a surprisingly good singing voice - but he's always been a flake and he looks like he's breaking down physically. The rest of the family hasn't shown much. Maybe a sketch-comedy format could work, but they just don't have the breadth of talent to handle different scripted material.

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