Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Answering Isn't Fun,Either

Do you get frustrated with overseas-based call centers? Working at one is losing it's allure for them,too.

The youth of India seem to have fallen out of love with the call centre industry.

Young men and women in call and contact centres across India are overworked and stressed out. Many are leaving the industry.

The reasons sound familiar.

Shabana Pavaskar, a senior employee at a reputable call centre in Mumbai, feels it is not a career, just a job. "I have been working here for many years but there's no promotion, no motivation and the hours are extremely demanding," she says. "Overtime is not an option but a compulsion. A government job with a fairly less salary will be more feasible than working here."

Those who have left say they quit because it was frustrating to continue to answer calls day after day, year after year. No creativity, no use of mind required. Some say their minds have become cabbage.

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