Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cable TV, Kittens, and Tulip Bailouts

Jon Carroll muses.....about a friend getting cable TV......

It was sort of like talking to someone who was buying her first refrigerator. "You'll love it. You can keep milk for over a week, and you can freeze meat for months, and make spaghetti sauce with yummy fresh September tomatoes and eat it in January. Hardly anything spoils! It's fun!"
Of course, many things on basic cable spoil, or come pre-spoiled, but that's OK because you can only watch one channel at a time.

about a kitten's life.....

Kittens just want to have fun. And if fun is not available, they will create their own fun. The first principle of kitten consciousness is: Everything is fun. That piece of dust is fun. Leaping onto that chair is fun. Aluminum foil - oh such fun. A shopping bag - endless hours of amusement. Flies - love flies. Little dangly things of uncertain function - can't get enough of 'em. Invisible things! Perfect for stalking. Reality is fun, but not necessary.

and about getting government support.

And all I'm asking for is tulip money. I hope the government doesn't want to regulate the tulip market. I hope it doesn't want to decide who can and who can't have tulips. No, it should let the market decide. Give me the money, and I will promise to put it back into the tulip economy. And I will buy retail! Support our nation's nurseries!

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