Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not Giving Up, Unlike Many

I know it's been a few days since I posted anything. I can cite some legitimate reasons (curse the real world!), but sloth was the primary problem; I just couldn't get motivated. But I don't plan on quitting completely and adding to what is already a large pile of internet roadkill, according to a PC Magazine article mentioned at 2 Blowhards.

......research firm Gartner calculated the total number of dead, abandoned blogs at more than 200 million.

I can certainly understand why someone would quit. Unless you have a particular theme, it can be difficult to create and/or find worthy material unless you're especially creative and/or diligent (or your standards for blog-worthy material aren't very high, which too often is my fall-back position). One man in the article caught my eye.

David Thomas, a senior editor at who maintains a professional blog ( as well as four personal blogs.....

Four personal blogs? Admittedly the man is a professional writer, and I suppose if each blog has a particular topic it can be done, but my fingers ache a bit at the thought.

Part of my problem is some of the blogs I use for comparison, such as Andrew Sullivan and Marginal Revolution, are so prolific that my meager efforts seem pretty inadequate. I have to tell myself that those people are pros and I'm a hobbyist, and keep plugging away while waiting for a Powerball win to allow me to do this all the time.


Brian said...

I have two blogs--one is Incertus, and the other is a personal blog, sort of. It's more of a professional blog that deals with my professional life, which is closer to personal than what I write about on Incertus, but I update that one about 4-6 times a month, while I blog at Incertus probably 4-6 times a day, when I'm on a roll. And I have moments of burnout as well. I don't know how Steve Benen does it.

Douglas said...

Make it easy on yourself, just compare Craniumcreak to Dakota Today and feel relatively good.

Dale said...

Mike, my motivation comes and goes as well. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to do this professionally -- whether it would ruin it because it would answer to needy editors instead of the inconstant muse.

Not that I'd turn down any good offers ... ;-)