Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Larry King Has Had It Easy

Love at last.

After 24 failed marriages, a 49-year-old porter in eastern Nepal says that he has finally found happiness in his latest union.

And I thought my third one made me a slow learner. Like me, he finally got it right.

Ramchandra Katuwal, of Khandbari municipality in Sankhuwasava, and his wife recently celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary.

He didn't start young.

He first got married when aged 26.......

That would be 25 marriages in 16 years. Most of them ended the same way.

His first wife set a precedent followed by many of her successors: she eloped with her lover.

This is it.

Mr Katuwal says that he is now so happy he has vowed not to marry again. Instead, he wants to focus on his children's education.

He thinks he knows why things went wrong so often.

He says that the constant battle against poverty could well be why so many of his wives left him.
Mr Katuwal's work as a porter is a tough job for low pay.

Why did he keep trying?

"I wanted to have a wife, because a house is not house without a wife," he said.

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